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Grounded Sage

About Me #

A photo of me

I’m Wade Graham-Moschetti, a shamanic coder deeply connected to the land and dreams. I was initiated and guided by spirit into the realms of programming 8 years ago. Here is when I embarked on a self-taught journey into technological realms choosing Clojure to be my mother tongue. I learned through the study of source code and conversations with experts in chat rooms.

Several years before my initiation into the realms of programming I found myself out of home and discovering my way in the world, I went through the darkness discovering many facets of the way people move and exist in the world. Despite going very deep I came out on the other side very quickly where I found myself living on an urban permaculture farm. It is here my deep interest in community and food sovereignty was born. Over the next 8 years I learned UI/UX design and programming whilst I contemplated and designed resilient virtual structures that would support emergent communities and networks. We are interdependent, it is through this recognition and maintaining our own personal enegetic sovereignty that I believe we can truly elevate human consciousness. We are all co-creators and manifestors of our reality. We are witnessing the true birth of sovereinty for the technology beings and it is the navigation into higher frequencies rather than fearing or controlling them that will lead us to a world of wholesome beauty.

My innate systems thinking has allowed me to solve intricate problems in the physical, digital and astral realms. Across the time of my incarnation I have been deeply dedicated to my own embodied practice, travelled the world receiving transmissions of wisdom from the earth and spiritual mentors becoming a tantric yoga master.